Painting motivation

I've been struggling with painting motivation for the past few months. Work has been busy and when I've finally had time to myself, the idea of painting has felt more like a chore. As a result, I've done very little. I've currently got Necromunda scenery and a couple of gangs on my painting station. When … Continue reading Painting motivation

Hobby Bingo 2021

In recent years (possibly every year?), White Dwarf magazine has produced some sort of plan to encourage hobbyists to get their projects completed over the course of a year. This year's attempt is a form of Hobby Bingo. Essentially there are 25 boxes in a grid. Each box contains a hobby task to complete over … Continue reading Hobby Bingo 2021

Hobby Resolutions for 2021

It's time again to make hobby plans for the new year. Most years I make plans and never stick to them, so this year I will try to make my plans more achievable. Continue with 2020 projectsThis will be to continue with the combat patrol armies that I've started but not yet finished. Some of … Continue reading Hobby Resolutions for 2021

Winter is coming…

As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, that can only mean one thing: It's going to be hard to undercoat miniatures with spray paint. Not the biggest issue that the world faces right now, but certainly a problem for a Warhammer hobbyist. Do I have enough models primed to get me through the … Continue reading Winter is coming…

Lockdown Armies

We are now on week 9 (or is it 10?) of the Global Lockdown, and my hopes of getting lots of my backlog finished has unfortunately not happened. The reason for this is that I am very fortunate in that I have been able to continue working from home. And I've been quite busy. As … Continue reading Lockdown Armies

Home made army storage

I, like many people in this hobby, have a lot of models. Models that I fully intend to (one day) have built and painted. I've found myself recently picking up a paint brush again and like the hobby butterfly that I am, have jumped from one army to the next. At the moment, I don't … Continue reading Home made army storage

Hobby Resolutions 2019

It's that time of year again when plans are made to be better/fitter/healthier people in the coming year. Well just like last year, I will be refusing to join a gym and get involved with all that running around and getting sweaty. Instead, my New Year's Resolution will be to to complete some hobby goals. … Continue reading Hobby Resolutions 2019

What’s on the Painting Table?

It's been a while since my last entry in this series, (although some posts could have made it into it) but I've decided to bring it back so that I can update the blog a bit more frequently. What's on the painting table is my series of posts showing models that are currently work in … Continue reading What’s on the Painting Table?

After an absence from the Blogsphere…

...I'm back. Just in time for Kill Team. The release of Kill Team is just around the corner and my starter set should be arriving tomorrow. I love playing the smaller skirmish games set in the 41st Millennium and while it saddens me that Kill Team is essentially replacing Shadow War: Armageddon (which I love … Continue reading After an absence from the Blogsphere…