Hobby Bingo 2021

In recent years (possibly every year?), White Dwarf magazine has produced some sort of plan to encourage hobbyists to get their projects completed over the course of a year. This year’s attempt is a form of Hobby Bingo. Essentially there are 25 boxes in a grid. Each box contains a hobby task to complete over the course of the year.

  • Complete a box, earn 10 points.
  • Complete a line, earn 50 points.
  • Complete the entire grid, earn 400 points.

The big difference this year, is that I am going to attempt to take part.

I’m not concerned with the point scoring but I’m hoping that at the very least it will encourage me to get certain models painted this year. The best example I can give for this, is the Lord of War box. I have a Stompa, that is part painted and really needs to be finished. This could be the motivation that finally sees it finished this year.

So, here is the hobby Bingo chart:

When I update the blog with newly finished models, I will post an update of this chart so that I can keep track of how I’m doing.

And here it is again with the recently finished Chimera added:

9 thoughts on “Hobby Bingo 2021

  1. It’s my first year too. Running concurrently with getting stuff painted for my crusade army. Hopefully the motivation will continue (finished my first line last week). I may need to invest in a Baneblade of some form to fill that Lord of War slot…

    1. First line already? Wow. I started the year with high hopes and smashed out the Chimera in a few days, since then motivation has dropped right off. Had two nights in a row painting this week, so getting back into it.

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