Christmas Hobby Haul 2020

Once more Da Red Gobbo has seen fit to leave boxes of plastic models under my Christmas tree. This post could be the sign of things to come in the new year, or it will serve as a reminder next year to not ask for any Games Workshop models as I haven't finished the last … Continue reading Christmas Hobby Haul 2020

Who ya gonna call?…

Tankbustas! Following hot on the heels of the Shoota Boyz comes the Tankbustas. These Boyz I've had built for ages and even had most of the base paints on them. After powering through the Shoota Boyz I was in the mood to paint even more Boyz so decided to get these finally finished.

Ork Reinforcements

It has been a long while since I've added anything to my Ork army. I've wanted to get some shoota Boyz painted for ages, going back to when Shadow War: Armageddon was a thing. Well I built a squad of them ages ago and they've been left to one side waiting for motivation to strike. … Continue reading Ork Reinforcements

Octoberfest 2018

This weekend I attended First Founding's Octoberfest in Chessington, South West London. Octoberfest is a 1250 point, Warhammer 40k 8th edition tournament. Players were allowed to bring a battle forged army consisting of up to two detachments using units from one codex. To avoid soup, Chaos, Aeldari and Imperium were not allowed as faction choices. … Continue reading Octoberfest 2018

Orks Tournament List

First Founding Gaming club's first Warhammer 40k tournament of the year is this Saturday (12th May). Regular readers of this blog should be aware that I am in the process of painting a table's worth of scenery for this tournament, as such there has been no time to prepare a new army or even new … Continue reading Orks Tournament List

Exciting Releases at Warhammer Fest 2018? Orks incoming?

This weekend sees Games Workshop return to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry for their annual Warhammer Fest. For the first time since they've put on Warhammer Fest, I will not be attending, as unfortunately, I am playing in a Warhammer 40k tournament on the Saturday and as much as I would like to spend my … Continue reading Exciting Releases at Warhammer Fest 2018? Orks incoming?

Abandon Ship!

A recent game night saw us once again return to the madness of the multiplayer kill team game at the game club. Previous games have all been set upon a Space  Hulk and teams of players have had to work together to claim the center ground, destroy statues or grab crates, all while dealing with … Continue reading Abandon Ship!

Kill Team – Assemble

My local gaming club planned to hold a Kill Team one day tournament back at the beginning of March. I decided to make use of my Warhammer World purchases and put together a crack team of Ork Kommandos. Below you can see how I put them together. They are mostly standard Ork Boyz with the … Continue reading Kill Team – Assemble

The Doctor will see you now

It's great having a deadline for getting models finished by. That tends to be my biggest motivaton as I refuse to game with unpainted models. With the Octoberfest tournament looming, I needed to get my second Painboy model finished in order to use him. I'm glad I did as his feel no pain rolls were … Continue reading The Doctor will see you now

My Second tournament

​Well it's been 6 months since I attended my first tournament and still I've not gotten round to writing up about it. Well before we sweep it completely under the rug, a very brief summary. The tournament consisted of 5 games of Warhammer 40k at 1000 points a side. 4 of the games were eternal … Continue reading My Second tournament