Junk Town

I’ve got some ideas for running a Christmas themed Kill Team game featuring none other than Da Red Gobbo.

The game idea will be similar to the game that was played on Warhammer+ last year (if you’ve not seen it, I fully recommend that you check it out). Here is some info from the Warhammer Community website

While the version I’m aiming to play will be using different rules (Kill Team 2018) the premise of a kill team attacking Da Red Gobbo at his place of work will be central to it. Therefore Da Red Gobbo needs his own little grotto. Enter Kill Team Octarius terrain.

As an Ork player, this set was a must for me so that I can have an Orky themed table.

Painting-wise, it was quite a simple project.

  • Spray everything Black
  • Randomly splash with Warlock Bronze
  • Add silver and gold and any colour for panels
  • Wash the silver, gold and coloured areas with Agrax Earthshade
  • Randomly splash Mournfang Brown over the model
  • Dry brush Runefang Steel over everything
  • Paint any cables or black panels with Black Templars Contrast Paint

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