Happy Birthday / Merry Christmas

Two days ago marked the 10 year anniversary of Table Standard as my first blog post was published way back on the 23rd Dec 2012.

I had hoped to mark this occasion with an interesting post, and so I planned to maybe write up a battle report (I had even got scenery painted that I intended to use).

The plan was to play a game of Kill Team 2018. Da Red Gobbo has been getting his “gifts” ready to deliver to the citizens of the Imperium of Man and the Emperor’s Finest we’re going to try and stop him.

Sadly, life gets in the way sometimes and I’ve had no chance to write anything up. It’s also been a while since the game was played and I took no notes and only a few photos.

Rather than just overlook the 10 year milestone, I thought I’d share a little about the game and some of the photos.

As I’ve said, Da Red Gobbo has been stockpiling his “gifts” and because the Imperium of Man had been really good this year, they were gonna get it.

My opponent for the game was Promethium Pete (named so for his love of Promethium Pipes kit). Pete has several Imperium armies at his disposal and opted to bring his White Scars to thwart Da Red Gobbo’s plans.

Pete’s Kill Team consisted of:

  • A Tactical Sergeant – armed with a power axe and the Leader skill
  • A Tactical Gunner – armed with a missile launcher and the Heavy skill
  • A Tactical Gunner – armed with a plasma gun and the Sniper skill
  • A Tactical Marine – armed with a boltgun and the Comms skill
  • 2 x Tactical Marines with boltguns

My Kill Team consisted of:

  • Da Red Gobbo – armed with a kustom grot blasta and Icon of da Revolushun. Taken at Leadership Level 1
  • 1 x Gretchin – armed with grot blasta and the Leader skill
  • 18 x Gretchin – armed with grot blastas

The mission was Da Mega Pyre from the Kill Team Annual 2019.

There were 3 piles of crates on the battlefield, these would be Da Red Gobbo’s “gifts”. The White Scars’ mission would be to arm explosives on these crates to blow them up. This would stop Da Red Gobbo being able to deliver them. To do so, Pete would need to control the objectives and once per turn roll a 4+ for each one.

There is a stratagem to help Pete control the objectives and another one that allows me the chance to disarm any set explosives on a 6.

If Pete could plant explosives on all 3 objectives he would win. If I could stop him planting any on 0-1 objectives, I would win. Anything else is a draw.

The Space Marines’ deployment zones were each of the four corners of the board. The Grots’ deployment zone is in the middle.

The Grots deployed ready to defend the “gifts”
The White Scars surround Da Red Gobbo’s hideout…
…and get ready to attack
One well protected “gift”
All 3 protected “gifts”
Grots charge in to defend their hideout
More Grots move in to secure one of the piles of “gifts”
A brave Grot charges the Space Marines after seeing one of his mates obliterated by a Frag missile
The White Scars Sergeant charges Da Red Gobbo, aiming to put an end to his schemes…
…and is soundly beaten to a pulp by the Icon of da Revolushun
The White Scars make a run for one of the objectives

The Grots were successful in defending the objectives as the White Scars spent too long trying to wipe them out. The Grots were really ineffective, with Da Red Gobbo being the only model to provide the White Scars with any kind of threat.

In hindsight I probably took too many Grots as most of the time they couldn’t do anything as they either had nowhere to move to or had no viable targets.

It was a fun game and I’m keen to play some more Kill Team 2018 in the future.

Thank you to everyone who has ever taken a look at this blog over the past 10 years! If you’ve ever thought about writing a hobby blog, my advice would be to go for it. Your blog posts don’t need to be literary works of art, but having a record of your hobby journey is in my opinion a great thing to look back on.

To see where I started when I got back into this hobby and to see where I am now, I can’t believe how much I’ve improved or how many models I’ve painted.

All that’s left now is to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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