From golden light they come

Here is the start of my very small Adeptus Custodes army. I've had a couple of Talons of the Emperor boxes lying round for quite a while and finally I took the plunge and built myself some Custodes. At the same time it turns out, that gaming buddy, Varchilde is building a Death Guard army, … Continue reading From golden light they come

The Christmas Gift – Part 1

A challenge has been laid down by Varchilde, each member of our 40k chat group (there are four of us who regularly take part) are to take a model from their pile of shame, build it and paint it as a present to a member of the group. All in time for Christmas. There is … Continue reading The Christmas Gift – Part 1

Omega Guardians – Patrol Force

Many weeks ago now I set myself the target during lockdown of getting some patrol detachments built and painted ready for the new 9th edition 40k. One of those forces consisted of the Omega Guardians, my own custom space marine chapter. Well this Patrol Detachment has been finished for a while, but I just haven't … Continue reading Omega Guardians – Patrol Force