2020 – A Year in Review

After a slow start to the hobby this year, lockdown in the UK gave me the chance to put some paint on some models and make a start on some of my many projects. Here is a brief photo recap on all of the models that I have managed to paint this year: I'm rather … Continue reading 2020 – A Year in Review

Christmas Hobby Haul 2020

Once more Da Red Gobbo has seen fit to leave boxes of plastic models under my Christmas tree. This post could be the sign of things to come in the new year, or it will serve as a reminder next year to not ask for any Games Workshop models as I haven't finished the last … Continue reading Christmas Hobby Haul 2020

Armoured Sentinel

I've finished the first vehicle for my new Astra Militarum force, and it's an Armoured Sentinel. Having as of yet never played with Astra Militarum, I have no idea what Sentinels are like on the battlefield. I however, absolutely love them. I think it stems from them looking like a complete rip off of AT-STs … Continue reading Armoured Sentinel

The Christmas Gift – Part 2

Or "A Tale of four Santas" - a much better title that Varchilde came up with. My Christmas gift is now painted and ready for glory! To catch up on the why and how of the Christmas Gift, see my previous post. I'm rather pleased with how he has come out and I have had … Continue reading The Christmas Gift – Part 2