Battle Report – The Long & Winding Road (Does it 8th?)

With the country in lockdown due to Covid-19, my regular (if you can call it that) wargaming has had to stop. What therefore is a Wargamer to do? The answer, is solo play. And what better mission for solo play than the second solo mission from Dark Vengeance? Once again this is a mission from … Continue reading Battle Report – The Long & Winding Road (Does it 8th?)

Half Year Project Update

With a lack of Mechanicus Standard Grey and a lack of effort to brave the outside and go and get some, this past weekend saw me putting together the remaining unbuilt terrain kits that I will be using as a gaming table for the upcoming Mayhem 40k tournament. As a recap, I have set myself … Continue reading Half Year Project Update

My Hobby Plans for 2018

Happy New Year dear reader! With a new year comes new hobby plans and so what does the grim dark of 2018 hold for me? After failing to achieve my goal of 2017 of finishing the Dark Vengeance boxset (only the Dark Angels left to go) my plan for 2018 will be of course to … Continue reading My Hobby Plans for 2018

My Second tournament

​Well it's been 6 months since I attended my first tournament and still I've not gotten round to writing up about it. Well before we sweep it completely under the rug, a very brief summary. The tournament consisted of 5 games of Warhammer 40k at 1000 points a side. 4 of the games were eternal … Continue reading My Second tournament

Kill Team

This Friday (tomorrow), I am taking part in my very first kill team game down at my local gaming club. This is a one off, multi player kill team which will involve teams made up of two players. I believe there are six teams. The game board is a home made Zone Mortalis board which … Continue reading Kill Team

Apocalypse now?

Should I purchase the apocalypse rule book? Although I've never played a game of apocalypse, I like the idea of it. There's a shiny book out for the rules, it's been out a while so should I purchase it, or will there be an edition available for 7th edition? Or does edition not matter? Games … Continue reading Apocalypse now?

My expanding Waaagh! size

Well its been ages since I last posted anything, so what have I been up to? To answer that, I need to think of what my army was like almost 6 months ago and then fill in the blanks. So, what's new? Well there's a Big Mek with a shock attack gun:   Some grots: … Continue reading My expanding Waaagh! size

It’s been a while…

It has sadly, been awhile since my last post. I would love to say that in the time between posts, I have done nothing but hobby. Alas, that is not the case and I hate lying. I have, however, managed a little bit of painting and a little bit of reading. That's right, reading. I dusted … Continue reading It’s been a while…

Looks like I’ve got a problem…

Today I visited Games Workshop in Epsom, only to pick up the latest issue of White Dwarf. 30 quid later, I left with a copy of the magazine and a whole-host of paints with which I can start painting up a Mentors Space Marine force. My new years resolution of trying to save money seems … Continue reading Looks like I’ve got a problem…