Half Year Project Update

With a lack of Mechanicus Standard Grey and a lack of effort to brave the outside and go and get some, this past weekend saw me putting together the remaining unbuilt terrain kits that I will be using as a gaming table for the upcoming Mayhem 40k tournament.

As a recap, I have set myself a 6 month target of putting a feature table together for my local gaming club’s 40k tournament in May – Mayhem.

I’m going for an Imperial Stronghold theme and so plan to include kits from the Wall of Martyrs sets, as well as Bastions and other suitable pieces.

So here are the latest editions, ready to join the painting queue:

First we have the Vengeance Weapon Batteries.

I couldn’t decide which load out of the guns I liked more and I didn’t really want to have one of each. Ideally, I would have 2 sets but since these are no longer available, I’ll have to make do.

To that end, I have built them so that the gun options will be swappable. In the future I could look at magnetising them, but that’s something I haven’t attempted yet.

It’s a simple case of leaving one of the panels unglued, so I can easily remove the panel and swap the guns over.

As you can see, it works! The battle cannon gun seems a little loose, but I’m sure that once paint is on it, it should stiffen up a treat.

Next up, with have an Imperial Bastion.

I’ve always liked the look of the small bunker type Bastions. It does mean that I wouldn’t be able to use it within a game as a fortification as it has no Heavy Bolters, but narratively, it makes a great Command Bunker or Communication Station.

The Communication Array isn’t fixed and so can also be used as an in game objective. As the Array is quite fragile with its various antennas, I will probably leave this part at home for the tournament.

With the left over pieces of the Bastion, I was able to “upgrade” a previously undefended Bastion that I was given by a mate (thanks Kanan!).

Kanan is also responsible for the Skyshield Landing Pad that will also be part of this board.

The final kit built should be the centrepiece (literally) of the table, The Aquila Strongpoint.

It was satisfying (can’t say fun) putting this together as it didnt have many mould lines that I had to deal with, but using the standard GW plastic glue (do they still sell the thick type?) required a fair bit of holding together, only to release and watch the parts move away from each other. I also got carried away and glued too many feet to the main bunker, meaning I couldn’t attach the side door! Fortunately, I was able to remove the feet with a modelling knife quite cleanly. The removed feet are also in good enough condition to be used. The kit however, comes with some spares and so they weren’t needed.

So that’s the current progress. Other than a little liquid Green Stuff to be applied here and there, they’re ready for basecoating. All I need now is some warmer weather, time and a hell of a lot of Mechanicus Standard Grey!,

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