Scenery Showcase – Crashed Aquila Lander

Here are some pictures of my completed Crashed Aquila Lander from the Battle For Macragge 40k boxset.

I really like this as a scenery kit, it doesn’t give much line of sight blocking (which is very important in the latest edition) but it’s a very thematic kit and great for telling a narrative.


I chose to base my Crashed Aquila Lander on the colour scheme used in the Black Library graphic novel: Exterminatus

Available from here:

The basis for my paint scheme


The ground, dust and rocks were painted using the same colours and techniques that I used to paint The Broken Aquila and the Moonscape Craters. Once everything had been painted on the Lander itself, I made sure to dry brush over the ship with Steel Legion Drab (while dry brushing the earth parts) to give it a dusty look.

Crashed Aquila Lander







5 thoughts on “Scenery Showcase – Crashed Aquila Lander

  1. Very nice work! I’ve never owned one of these, but it has always looked like a great piece to add to any battlefield.

    1. Thank you and thanks for checking out my blog. The crashed Lander is the reason I bought a copy of Battle for Macragge on eBay. I had missed this set upon my return to the hobby.

    2. Awesome, thanks. Got 2 crash kit, so might start one in red, as it’s the real ship color from what I saw!

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