Project Update/Completion – Aquila Strongpoint

It is now the 12th of May 2018, the day of First Founding's Mayhem tournament. That also means the deadline for my half year project. For the most part, this project was a success as I managed to get most of the scenery kits built and painted. The exceptions being some of the additional weapons … Continue reading Project Update/Completion – Aquila Strongpoint

Project Update – Munitorum Armoured Containers & Vengeance Weapon Battery

This weekend finally saw me finish both the Munitorum Armoured Containers as well as the Vengeance Weapon Battery. The majority of the Munitorum Armoured Containers set has been completed for a while, and so the set was completed by finishing off the one remaining container. I decided that I didn't want all of the containers … Continue reading Project Update – Munitorum Armoured Containers & Vengeance Weapon Battery

Project Update – Bastion and Vengeance Weapon Battery

More models finished for the gaming table project, this time it's a second Bastion and one Vengeance Weapon Battery with both weapon options. Imperial Bastion The Imperial Bastion was lovingly donated by Kanan. I added the missing guns to it and then set about putting it in some new colours. Before Kanan is a Dark … Continue reading Project Update – Bastion and Vengeance Weapon Battery

Project Update: Wall of Martyrs – Completed

Looking back at my Project plans, it appears that I had forgotten to add the Wall of Martyrs to the list of items to get ready for my Mayhem 2018 Gaming Table. Well, regardless, I'm pleased to announce that the Wall of Martyrs is now finished. The wall consists of 1 x Imperial Defence Emplacement … Continue reading Project Update: Wall of Martyrs – Completed

Half Year Project Update

With a lack of Mechanicus Standard Grey and a lack of effort to brave the outside and go and get some, this past weekend saw me putting together the remaining unbuilt terrain kits that I will be using as a gaming table for the upcoming Mayhem 40k tournament. As a recap, I have set myself … Continue reading Half Year Project Update

My Hobby Plans for 2018

Happy New Year dear reader! With a new year comes new hobby plans and so what does the grim dark of 2018 hold for me? After failing to achieve my goal of 2017 of finishing the Dark Vengeance boxset (only the Dark Angels left to go) my plan for 2018 will be of course to … Continue reading My Hobby Plans for 2018

Building a game table

In order to save my friend constantly bringing over his three pieces of 3' x 4' wood to my house whenever we play a game, I decided to build my own gaming board. This can then be used to support a Relm of Battle board from Games Workshop or (as mostly is the case) my … Continue reading Building a game table