Project Update/Completion – Aquila Strongpoint

Aquila Strongpoint

It is now the 12th of May 2018, the day of First Founding’s Mayhem tournament. That also means the deadline for my half year project.

For the most part, this project was a success as I managed to get most of the scenery kits built and painted. The exceptions being some of the additional weapons that come with the Bastions and Aegis Defence Line.

There was only one kit that I had planned to do and didn’t get finished and that was the Skyshield Landing Pad.

As you can see, the basecoats are on, it just needs some tidying up before washes and drybrushes, but sadly I’ve run out of time.

The last kit I was able to complete, however, was the Aquila Strongpoint – the centrepiece of my gaming table:

Aquila Strongpoint

Aquila Strongpoint

And here is how it looks with the rest of the gaming table:

So the table is now set up and ready for the tournament later today and I’m rather pleased with my handy-work.

Let’s hope that I manage to win some games at the tournament so that I am positioned high enough to play on the table (there was talk about using it as the top table!)

My plans now are to finish the Skyshield Landing Pad and take a break from scenery. I’ve got lots of troops that won’t paint themselves.

Then there’s the small matter of getting the Dark Angels from Dark Vengeance painted before the year is up…

2 thoughts on “Project Update/Completion – Aquila Strongpoint

  1. Cracking table Neil. I enjoyed playing on it during my brief brush with the top of the standings!

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