Who ya gonna call?…

Tankbustas! Following hot on the heels of the Shoota Boyz comes the Tankbustas. These Boyz I've had built for ages and even had most of the base paints on them. After powering through the Shoota Boyz I was in the mood to paint even more Boyz so decided to get these finally finished.

Ork Reinforcements

It has been a long while since I've added anything to my Ork army. I've wanted to get some shoota Boyz painted for ages, going back to when Shadow War: Armageddon was a thing. Well I built a squad of them ages ago and they've been left to one side waiting for motivation to strike. … Continue reading Ork Reinforcements

A Painted Model!

What would a blog, dedicated to the miniature wargaming hobby, be without regularly painted models gracing it's pages? Probably unread. Much like this here blog. And on that bombshell, I am pleased to post to the world, my latest miniature! Behold: Big Mek Grog

Good use of a Bank Holiday

A long weekend could only mean one thing – Time to paint! It’s amazing how much of a day off can disappear when you get into that painting zone and this August Bank Holiday was no exception. Behold, my handy work for this day of painting awesomeness! Although mostly done, I was able to finish … Continue reading Good use of a Bank Holiday