Ork Mek

With less than a week to go until my first 40k tournament for a good couple of years (1st Founding’s Octoberfest), I’ve had to submit my army list for the event (possible future blog post).

This weekend I have had to rewrite my list after playing a game on Friday and getting absolutely thrashed. The plan of rushing Boyz across the battlefield in trukks didn’t really work out, so back to he drawing board.

I decided that trukks probably aren’t the answer to my problems and the points could be better spent on units that could capture objectives and hold onto them while not tying up a while unit of Boyz to do it.

The answer was Meks. Nice and cheap at 25 points, easy to hide and if there’s something else near them, they can’t be targeted as they are a character. I hope to use Runtherds in the same way.

This would open me up to being on the recieving end of the assassinate secondary objective, so need to make sure I hide them well.

Long story short, I had to paint up a new Mek as I didn’t have the points for him to have a killsaw like the one I have is modelled with. I therefore painted up a Mek I had kitbashed a long time ago with his “custom” Kustom Mega-slugga.

This also meant that I could cross off one of the Kitbashed model squares in the Hobby Bingo 2021 giving me one completed row! A win win, plus it’s a model for Orktober!

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