The Hero Forge

It’s time for another challenge!

Yes, I know this is currently challenge number 4 (after my patrol forces, Hobby Bingo and Imperium Magazine build) but who can resist a hobby challenge?

This is once more the brainchild of Varchilde. After the success of the Tale of Four Santas, we were keen to get the hobby juices flowing on something different from our normal hobby activities.

The Challenge: The Hero Forge

Part 1: Create a HQ choice for one of our armies (or an entirely new one if we wish). The HQ needs to be given a Warlord Trait and a relic that suits them as a character. I’m taking this as being a relic that exists in the codex but you model something that represents this on the model, use its rule as per the codex, but change the name to make it unique.

Background and fluff of the character will also need to be written. The completion date for this is this Christmas (2021). That way, Part 1 is done and out of the way before the festive period. No one is then panicking to get this finished and it ruins their Christmas. Then, in the new year it’s onto Part 2…

Part 2: New Year New Army. Build and paint a 1000 point force for your new HQ unit to lead into glorious battle!

The end date for Part 2 is going to be in time for my local gaming club’s doubles tournament in February. The idea being that this 1000 point force is the army we bring to the tournament.

So now is the time to get planning. Before I can decide on the HQ model to build, I need to decide on the army.

Do I start a completely new army or add a detachment to an existing one?

Do I choose one of my unstarted patrol armies and help kill 2 birds with 1 challenge?

Decisions, decisions…

Below is my current thinking.

Army Candidates:

  • Omega Guardians / other Space Marines
  • Necrons
  • Adeptus Mechanicus
  • Tau
  • Orks
  • Crimson Slaughter
  • Tyranids

That’s quite the selection of armies there, and the best part is I probably have all the models I need for this challenge, so it shouldn’t cost me anything and I get to work through my pile of shame. So win, win.

I think the hardest part of this challenge is going to be a backstory and fluff for the character. I’ve got several ideas for characters from my custom Space Marine Chapter the Omega Guardians, but I’ve still not gotten round to creating a backstory for that chapter yet. Would it therefore be better to create a character inside an existing faction in the Warhammer 40k universe?


While putting this blog post together, other members of the First Founding group have joined in on the challenge.

I now have a partner for the doubles tournament in February, which has helped make my decision on which army to bring.

I will be bring my Omega Guardians so we will be fielding an all Space Marine force.

I’m going to use this challenge as an excuse to create a Chapter Master for the Omega Guardians and he will lead a force consisting of the 1st company.

My aim for the 1st Company will be all first born marines at the moment with no primaris. This may well change if I decide to incorporate any Bladeguard Veterans…

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