Imperium Magazine

This weekend saw the first two issues of the new Imperium Magazine arrive through my door.

Originally I wasn’t going to subscribe to this new weekly (or monthly when I get them) magazine. I’ve previously subscribed to both of the previous versions (Conquest & Mortal Realms) but I’m yet to build or paint a lot of the models from either of these collections. It felt then, that there was a high likelihood that these models will go the same way.

As is obvious from the opening line of this post, I changed my mind and went ahead and subscribed anyway.

Unlike Conquest and Mortal Realms however, I have actually built the models from the first two issues in the same weekend that I received them! This got me thinking and an idea was born…

Rather than building a collection of unbuilt models that will just sit in my garage, I’m going to try and build the models from each delivery before the next one arrives. This will be my new challenge (although I haven’t yet finished my patrol armies or Hobby Bingo yet!). I’m not concerned about getting the models painted yet, but if I can get them built then I’m halfway to getting the models finished.

I actually found it quite enjoyable building all five of these models. Normally it can feel like a bit of a chore so maybe the lower model count helped with this. There also wasn’t hundreds of peices per model.

The lieutenant is a brilliant model that I don’t think I fully appreciated before, while the Necrons have also impressed me with how cool they look.

Just building these models has awakened the hobby butterfly and has got me thinking about how I should paint the models from this collection.

Do I paint the Space Marines as Omega Guardians or do I paint them as Ultramarines (since there are Ultramarine branded models in the collection)?

For the Necrons, I’m thinking mostly a dark silver but with a spot colour as I’m not a big fan of the new colour scheme for them. I’ll need to decide on the spot colour but my current thinking is not to use a colour that is a primary colour on one of my other armies (so no red or green).

I’m sure they’ll be a post in the future showing off my decisions.

Until then, thanks for reading.

I best get back to working on my Stormcasts…

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