Scenery Showcase – Crashed Aquila Lander

Here are some pictures of my completed Crashed Aquila Lander from the Battle For Macragge 40k boxset. I really like this as a scenery kit, it doesn't give much line of sight blocking (which is very important in the latest edition) but it's a very thematic kit and great for telling a narrative. I chose … Continue reading Scenery Showcase – Crashed Aquila Lander

Test Imperial Guard Scheme

After re-reading the battle report from White Dwarf 222: The Last Stand at Glazer's Creek, I've been inspired to paint some Praetorian Imperial Guardsmen. The original models are no longer available from the Games Workshop website and purchasing from eBay would be far too expensive, but there are plenty of head options available to use … Continue reading Test Imperial Guard Scheme

Crimson Slaughter

We're days away from December and once again this blog has been left to gather dust on the proverbial Internet shelf. Well no more! For I have an update to my year long project! Those of you anticipating an update in the last month of the year showing either a completed or almost complete project … Continue reading Crimson Slaughter

Project Update

So, we're now halfway through the year, so what better time for a project update. For those who cannot remember, or are too lazy to read previous posts, my plan for this year was to start and then finish painting the Dark Vengeance box set. As I said previously, there was a delay in getting … Continue reading Project Update

Moonscape Craters

Recently I was able to final put paint to the Moonscape Craters. I really like the idea of having all my own terrain so I'm slowly working through the peices that I have. These were relatively quick and easy to paint. I started by putting Armageddon Dust around the edges of each of the craters. … Continue reading Moonscape Craters

Kill Team – Assemble

My local gaming club planned to hold a Kill Team one day tournament back at the beginning of March. I decided to make use of my Warhammer World purchases and put together a crack team of Ork Kommandos. Below you can see how I put them together. They are mostly standard Ork Boyz with the … Continue reading Kill Team – Assemble

What’s on the painting table?

Welcome Readers, to my first reoccuring blog post. This means that I won't have to try and think of witty blog titles everytime I post. So, issue (or episode, article or blog) number 1. I've unfortunately not had much chance to do any painting as of late, but taking up my painting table is this … Continue reading What’s on the painting table?

My expanding Waaagh! size

Well its been ages since I last posted anything, so what have I been up to? To answer that, I need to think of what my army was like almost 6 months ago and then fill in the blanks. So, what's new? Well there's a Big Mek with a shock attack gun:   Some grots: … Continue reading My expanding Waaagh! size