Crimson Slaughter

Crimson Slaughter Chaos Space Marines

We’re days away from December and once again this blog has been left to gather dust on the proverbial Internet shelf.

Well no more! For I have an update to my year long project!

Those of you anticipating an update in the last month of the year showing either a completed or almost complete project will be very sadly mistaken as I’m sorry to disappoint you all. The high fives and back pats will have to wait for another time, but fear not, it’s not all doom and gloom as at the very least the project is half way through!

That’s right folks, one whole army from the Dark Vengeance boxset is completed, and from the title of this blog post (Spoiler), it’s not the Dark Angels.

Behold, the Crimson Slaughter Chaos Space Marines:

 Crimson_Slaughter_Kranon_The_RelentlessChaos Lord – Kranon The Relentless

Crimson_Slaughter_HellbruteHellbrute – Mortis Metalikus

Crimson_Slaughter_ChosenChosen – Draznicht’s Ravagers

Crimson_Slaughter_Cultists_Sect_TetchvarCultists – Sect Anarkus

Crimson_Slaughter_Cultists_Sect_AnarkusCultists – Sect Tetchvar

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