Omega Guardians – Assault Intercessors

Another unit completed for the Omega Guardian Space Marines. This time it's 5 Assault Intercessors from the Indomitus boxset. I had a problem adding the Ultramarine transfers to these models as the arms of the U kept moving close together or in the case of the sergeant's, closing completely! This seems to be a new … Continue reading Omega Guardians – Assault Intercessors

Omega Guardians – Patrol Force

Many weeks ago now I set myself the target during lockdown of getting some patrol detachments built and painted ready for the new 9th edition 40k. One of those forces consisted of the Omega Guardians, my own custom space marine chapter. Well this Patrol Detachment has been finished for a while, but I just haven't … Continue reading Omega Guardians – Patrol Force

First and Tenth

With the country in lockdown, I've finally gotten round to putting some paint on some models. Two squads that I've needed to get done are some terminators and scouts for the Omega Guardians. I've had these classic terminators for a while and have been looking forward to getting them painted. I gave them a few … Continue reading First and Tenth

First Strike

At one of the schools I work at, we've started running a Warhammer Club. In the past few weeks we've been getting quite a bit of interest from students who started at the school this September. To try and inspire them I decided to paint all of the contents of the first strike starter set … Continue reading First Strike

Lieutenant Adamis

The Omega Guardians continue to grow. The latest addition to the ranks is the Eothrus Primaris Lieutenant model from the Wake the dead 40k boxset. I decided to make him a named character amongst the Omega Guardians and will be a trend that I will continue. All HQ choices will be given a name that … Continue reading Lieutenant Adamis

Omega Guardian Reinforcements

I've been a little bit productive lately. While finally putting some paint on the Dark Angels, I was inspires to paint up some more Omega Guardians. This inspiration was partly due to having a couple of intercessors already primed but also because I came across some older models that I had originally tried to paint … Continue reading Omega Guardian Reinforcements

Omega Guardians

I have finally settled on a Space Marine Chapter after years of flipping between several. I liked the idea of creating my own chapter as that gives me much more flexibility regarding the rules and Chapter Tactics that I get to use. I also liked the idea of painting a Codex compliant chapter, but didn't … Continue reading Omega Guardians