Hero Forge: Andreas Nell

Andreas Nell is the current Chapter Master of the Omega Guardians.

The Omega Guardians are a successor chapter of the Ultramarines from an unknown founding. As Sons of Guilliman they are strict adherers to the Codex Astates. They are a fleet based chapter who see Macragge and the domain of Ultamar as their ancestral home.

Their fortress monastery is an ancient Space Station known as ” The Omega”. It orbits a White Dwarf star to the galactic south of Ultramar.

Nell was elected Chapter Master following the death of his predecessor Daniel Rodimus, at the hands of the Crimson Slaughter warlord Galrak.

For the past 40 years, Nell has vowed to find Galrak and avenge the death of his former mentor.

In battle, Nell wears a suit of ancient Cataphractii armour that dates back to the Great Crusade. This blessed Terminator armour has been worn by every chapter master since the Omega Guardians’ creation. It is therefore a Chapter Relic that the Omega Guardians will fight to the last in order to recover. The terminator armour incorporates a chainfist known as the Omega blade, which has ended countless traitors and heretics.

Rules wise, Nell will be equipped with the Angel Artifice Relic. Giving him a 2+ save as well as making home Toughness 6 with 7 Wounds. I know that his terminator armour already gives him a 2+ armour save, but I like that it increases his toughness and wounds characteristics. That and there doesn’t appear to be many relics in the Space Marine Codex that this model can take!

It’s also handy as I will always play him as a Chapter Master and it keeps his Warlord Traits and Relic rules on the same page.

I’m now down to the last 3 squares of the Hobby Bingo. If I can get the models I’m working on finished before Christmas, there’s a chance I can finish the Stompa before the year is out!

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