Lieutenant Adamis

The Omega Guardians continue to grow. The latest addition to the ranks is the Eothrus Primaris Lieutenant model from the Wake the dead 40k boxset. I decided to make him a named character amongst the Omega Guardians and will be a trend that I will continue. All HQ choices will be given a name that … Continue reading Lieutenant Adamis

40K Campaign – The Siege of Falx

It's been a couple of years since I finished painting my Planetary Empires set, and it's still one of my proudest completed painting projects. I still enjoy putting the set together in different combinations and often think how cool it would be to use the set in a campaign. Unfortunately, unless I am to run … Continue reading 40K Campaign – The Siege of Falx

Dark Angels

Last year I set myself the task of getting the Dark Angels from the Dark Vengeance boxset painted. I didn't manage to get them completed by the end of the year but I wasn't far off. It's dawned on me that I never got around to taking photos and posting them on this blog, so … Continue reading Dark Angels

What’s on the Painting Table?

A little while ago, I got myself inspired to start an Elder Craftworld army and I managed to pick up a copy of the Wake the Dead boxset. For this army project, I am attempting to not use the colour red, as I seem to use that colour alot. The colour scheme that I am … Continue reading What’s on the Painting Table?

Club Scenery

A couple of years ago, some scenery pieces were donated to my local gaming club (First Founding in Hook). I volunteered to build and paint one of them. After taking the kit home, it has sat there in its box, looking at me and making me feel guilty, well no more! After the most recent … Continue reading Club Scenery