Club Scenery

A couple of years ago, some scenery pieces were donated to my local gaming club (First Founding in Hook). I volunteered to build and paint one of them.

After taking the kit home, it has sat there in its box, looking at me and making me feel guilty, well no more!

After the most recent club tournament, the conversation once again turned to talk of scenery and how line of sight blocking is key to a good table.

It inspired me to get this scenery kit built, painted and out of my house! I have had it for far too long…

The kit is a Gothic City Building from Pegasus Hobbies. I’m not a big lover of these kits as I much prefer the more detailed and 40k themed kits from Games Workshop. It also kind of bugs me that there are no floors or roofs to these buildings. But it will fit the needs of the gaming club.

With that in mind, I decided to build it as something that is going to sit in the middle of the battlefield that armies will have to move around. This means that where-ever I could, I made sure that you cannot see right through the building.

After a few sprays (Chaos Black undercoat, Mournfang Brown around the base and a Mechanicus Standard Grey dusting) All that was left was a Dawnstone drybrush all over, Leadbleacher and Nuln Oil on the lanterns and then finally Retributor Armour and then Agrax Earthshade on the door.

All in all a very quick paint job. I’m tempted to now get cracking on some of my remaining scenery pieces.

2 thoughts on “Club Scenery

  1. Looks great! A simple painting technique, but it looks very effective on the tabletop. Looking forward to seeing more great terrain.

  2. I love these Pegasus Gothic kits! Very modular and easy to re-configure. Your paint job looks great!

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