Christmas Hobby Haul 2020

Once more Da Red Gobbo has seen fit to leave boxes of plastic models under my Christmas tree. This post could be the sign of things to come in the new year, or it will serve as a reminder next year to not ask for any Games Workshop models as I haven't finished the last … Continue reading Christmas Hobby Haul 2020

The Christmas Gift – Part 2

Or "A Tale of four Santas" - a much better title that Varchilde came up with. My Christmas gift is now painted and ready for glory! To catch up on the why and how of the Christmas Gift, see my previous post. I'm rather pleased with how he has come out and I have had … Continue reading The Christmas Gift – Part 2

From golden light they come

Here is the start of my very small Adeptus Custodes army. I've had a couple of Talons of the Emperor boxes lying round for quite a while and finally I took the plunge and built myself some Custodes. At the same time it turns out, that gaming buddy, Varchilde is building a Death Guard army, … Continue reading From golden light they come

Omega Guardians – Patrol Force

Many weeks ago now I set myself the target during lockdown of getting some patrol detachments built and painted ready for the new 9th edition 40k. One of those forces consisted of the Omega Guardians, my own custom space marine chapter. Well this Patrol Detachment has been finished for a while, but I just haven't … Continue reading Omega Guardians – Patrol Force

Battle Report – The Long & Winding Road (Does it 8th?)

With the country in lockdown due to Covid-19, my regular (if you can call it that) wargaming has had to stop. What therefore is a Wargamer to do? The answer, is solo play. And what better mission for solo play than the second solo mission from Dark Vengeance? Once again this is a mission from … Continue reading Battle Report – The Long & Winding Road (Does it 8th?)

The Siege is over…

After twelve weeks of battle, the campaign has come to an end... After leading from the start, it comes as no surprise that The Defenders have managed to see off all challenges and save the planet Falx. I have to be honest that even though I wrote and ran the campaign, I didn't take part … Continue reading The Siege is over…

The Siege has begun…

Yesterday my Siege of Falx - Warhammer 40k campaign kicked off at First Founding Gaming Club. 14 players have so far signed up and for the opening week, there was a healthy four games being played. Before any of the games took place, each team needed to place their six starting flags on the map. … Continue reading The Siege has begun…

Lieutenant Adamis

The Omega Guardians continue to grow. The latest addition to the ranks is the Eothrus Primaris Lieutenant model from the Wake the dead 40k boxset. I decided to make him a named character amongst the Omega Guardians and will be a trend that I will continue. All HQ choices will be given a name that … Continue reading Lieutenant Adamis

Club Scenery

A couple of years ago, some scenery pieces were donated to my local gaming club (First Founding in Hook). I volunteered to build and paint one of them. After taking the kit home, it has sat there in its box, looking at me and making me feel guilty, well no more! After the most recent … Continue reading Club Scenery

Omega Guardian Reinforcements

I've been a little bit productive lately. While finally putting some paint on the Dark Angels, I was inspires to paint up some more Omega Guardians. This inspiration was partly due to having a couple of intercessors already primed but also because I came across some older models that I had originally tried to paint … Continue reading Omega Guardian Reinforcements