Moonscape Craters

Recently I was able to final put paint to the Moonscape Craters. I really like the idea of having all my own terrain so I'm slowly working through the peices that I have. These were relatively quick and easy to paint. I started by putting Armageddon Dust around the edges of each of the craters. … Continue reading Moonscape Craters

Abandon Ship!

A recent game night saw us once again return to the madness of the multiplayer kill team game at the game club. Previous games have all been set upon a Space¬† Hulk and teams of players have had to work together to claim the center ground, destroy statues or grab crates, all while dealing with … Continue reading Abandon Ship!

Planetary Completion

It has dawned on me that since my last "What's on the Painting Table" blog post, that I have not shown off my finished work. Here is my completed Planetary Empires set: Here is a selection of some of the objectives and flags that I've painted:

Kill Team – Assemble

My local gaming club planned to hold a Kill Team one day tournament back at the beginning of March. I decided to make use of my Warhammer World purchases and put together a crack team of Ork Kommandos. Below you can see how I put them together. They are mostly standard Ork Boyz with the … Continue reading Kill Team – Assemble

New Game Announced

Yesterday, Games Workshop announced yet another new boxed game Shadow War: Armageddon More details and pictures (plus a video) showing us what to expect in the new game was released late last night. All the information that has been released can be found here:¬† I'm not going to rewrite information that is already available as … Continue reading New Game Announced

The Hobby of my Hobby, is my friend?…

When I started this blog, the hope was that it would inspire me to build and paint more models and maybe even play more games. To an extent you could say that I have achieved those aims. As I now have quite a sizable Ork army (all painted) and I am now a regular attendee … Continue reading The Hobby of my Hobby, is my friend?…