Abandon Ship!

A recent game night saw us once again return to the madness of the multiplayer kill team game at the game club.

Previous games have all been set upon a Space  Hulk and teams of players have had to work together to claim the center ground, destroy statues or grab crates, all while dealing with exploding zombie hordes, killer sentry gun robots or the dreaded Squares of Dispair (where a random tile is picked and any model on it has to take a dangerous terrain test – brutal for t-shirt wearing Orks).

This weeks adventure, saw the Space Hulk nose diving towards a planet and it’s own destruction.

My Kommandos ready to abandon ship

The Mission
The plan for the players this time was to move across the board, grab a crate, get to the teleporter pad, land on the surface and then hot foot it off the board. There was even some helpfully parked rhinos if you couldn’t be bothered to walk off of the board.

The Taxi Rank

I believe the victory points were thus:

  • Kill enemy leader – 5pts
  • Kill enemy – 1pt per model
  • Get a crate off of the planet surface table – 5pts
  • Get a model off of the planet surface table – 1pt
  • Be holding a crate at the end of the game – 1pt

I may have that completely wrong but since I got nowhere near the planet surface I genuinely don’t know. Check out this blog here for the rules and a far better write up. I advise you to check out the blog anyway as it’s smashing.

The game was a lot of fun with the 4 teams consisting of:

  • Imperial guard and Iron Hands scouts (The Imperium)
  • Eldar and Dark Eldar
  • Dark Angels and Orks (Team Green)
  • And tau.

A brief summary of events:
Team Tau and Team Green formed an Alliance early on and left each other alone. Team Eldar decided to start the fighting and laid several models from Team Green low.

The Imperium decided to try and keep the Eldar in check while making a dash up the board.

The Orks came round to assist the remaining Dark Angels and wiped out a good chunk of the Dark Eldar.

Team Tau headed up the board.

Attention turned to the crates as teams made it halfway across the board.

Grabbin’ Da Loot

The Imperium and Tau continued heading up the board. The Iron Hands tried to remove the rest of the Dark Eldar.

Team Eldar annihilate the remaining Dark Angels.

Using flicker jumps, the Warp Spiders are a constant annoyance.

3 Dark Angels re-spawn on a random tile. These guys really were “fallen”.

Ork Kommandos are almost wiped out by the Warp Spiders. Eldar claim self defence as “Orks were chasing them”.

I can still see Da Spidas Boss… Boss?
The last time Snikrot was seen in one piece.

Teams make it to the planet

Team Green is close to getting to a teleporter but the roof falls in, crushing the last Ork Kommando (damn you Squares of Dispair! )

Team Tau finally gets involved and start firing at the crate carriers.

The Imperium manages to get a couple of crates off of the planet table and do their best to take out the Tau.

Take that Xeno scum!

Team Eldar make it to the planet but can’t quite make it off the board.

The Imperium won it in the end. Being able to get a large chunk of your force up the table without the hassle of fighting proving to be the best tactic. It was plain sailing once planet side.

All in all a really good game with some good humored insults and trash talking along the way.

I look forward to the next one. Apparently jump troops are needed…

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