Moonscape Craters

Moonscape Crater

Recently I was able to final put paint to the Moonscape Craters.

I really like the idea of having all my own terrain so I’m slowly working through the peices that I have.

These were relatively quick and easy to paint.

I started by putting Armageddon Dust around the edges of each of the craters. I then painted the outside parts including the Armageddon Dust in Rhinox Hide. I then painted the middle of the craters with Mechaninicus Standard Grey, leaving black showing in the middle.

I then drybrushed Steel Legion Drab over the Rhinox hide and then drybrushed Dawnstone over all of the grey parts and on the odd bit of brown.

I then drybrushed Ushabti Bone over the outside parts of the craters and Ulthuan Grey just on the very top of the crater.

To darken down the middle of the craters, I used Nuln Oil.

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