What’s on the Painting Table?

Recently I've been getting all manner of excited over the idea of taking part in a campaign. There has been a few murmurings about one being run down my local gaming club.  To try and influence this actually happening, I have invested in a Planetary Empires set from Games Workshop. I'm happy to report that … Continue reading What’s on the Painting Table?

The Doctor will see you now

It's great having a deadline for getting models finished by. That tends to be my biggest motivaton as I refuse to game with unpainted models. With the Octoberfest tournament looming, I needed to get my second Painboy model finished in order to use him. I'm glad I did as his feel no pain rolls were … Continue reading The Doctor will see you now

My Second tournament

​Well it's been 6 months since I attended my first tournament and still I've not gotten round to writing up about it. Well before we sweep it completely under the rug, a very brief summary. The tournament consisted of 5 games of Warhammer 40k at 1000 points a side. 4 of the games were eternal … Continue reading My Second tournament