Kill Team 2021

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, Games Workshop has revealed the latest version of Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team. First things first, the models look great, especially the Death Korps of Krieg. My initial reaction was my normal "I must have this!". Now that a few days have passed, I've calmed … Continue reading Kill Team 2021

Inquisitor Tiberius Rosehorn

The Hobby Butterfly strikes again! Instead of working on one of my many ongoing projects, I was inspired to paint something completely different. I've had this Rogue Trader era Inquisitor model for a few years now after Games Workshop re-released a few inquisitor models on their made to order service. I really like games or … Continue reading Inquisitor Tiberius Rosehorn

Sector Mechanicus: Part 3

The third part of my Sector Mechanicus terrain is now complete. This is just the walkway that joins up the previous two parts and was very quick to get finished. Here is Part 1 and Part 2 Here is the three pieces all together: That's one more section finished on the Hobby Bingo, almost one … Continue reading Sector Mechanicus: Part 3

Sector Mechanicus: Part 2

My second piece of rough and ready Sector Mechanicus terrain is now finished. A few months ago I began working on this (as well as my other piece) and was really hitting my stride, until I unfortunately ran out of Mechanicus Standard Grey. As the last bit of paint left the pot, so did my … Continue reading Sector Mechanicus: Part 2

Age of Sigmar – The Beginning

With the new edition of Age of Sigmar soon to drop, the idea has been floated at my local gaming club to start an escalation league. In order to take part, players need to put together a 500 point army. I've been meaning to get into Age of Sigmar and my original plan was to … Continue reading Age of Sigmar – The Beginning

Painting motivation

I've been struggling with painting motivation for the past few months. Work has been busy and when I've finally had time to myself, the idea of painting has felt more like a chore. As a result, I've done very little. I've currently got Necromunda scenery and a couple of gangs on my painting station. When … Continue reading Painting motivation

Solo 40k Rules

The Covid Lockdown in the UK will soon be drawing to a close, and with the easing of restrictions means the return of 40K gaming (at long last!). It has therefore dawned on me that I haven't posted the rules for solo 40k that I had written. It's also dawned on me that I also … Continue reading Solo 40k Rules

Sector Mechanicus: Part 1

It's been a while since my last post as sadly I've not had much time for hobbying lately. Most of my free time has been spent rewatching the Marvel Films so that I was refreshed for Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Motivation has now returned so hopefully I will get some more models finished in … Continue reading Sector Mechanicus: Part 1

Omega Guardians – Assault Intercessors

Another unit completed for the Omega Guardian Space Marines. This time it's 5 Assault Intercessors from the Indomitus boxset. I had a problem adding the Ultramarine transfers to these models as the arms of the U kept moving close together or in the case of the sergeant's, closing completely! This seems to be a new … Continue reading Omega Guardians – Assault Intercessors

Crimson Slaughter Exhaulted Champion

Another Crimson Slaughter model finished. Just like the Sorcerer in Terminator Armour, this model has been primed red for ages and has been model that I've been meaning to paint but never had the motivation. In the end, both the Exhaulted Champion and the Sorcerer in Terminator Armour both came out much redder than my … Continue reading Crimson Slaughter Exhaulted Champion