What’s on the painting table?

Welcome Readers, to my first reoccuring blog post. This means that I won't have to try and think of witty blog titles everytime I post. So, issue (or episode, article or blog) number 1. I've unfortunately not had much chance to do any painting as of late, but taking up my painting table is this … Continue reading What’s on the painting table?

Building a game table

In order to save my friend constantly bringing over his three pieces of 3' x 4' wood to my house whenever we play a game, I decided to build my own gaming board. This can then be used to support a Relm of Battle board from Games Workshop or (as mostly is the case) my … Continue reading Building a game table

Apocalypse now?

Should I purchase the apocalypse rule book? Although I've never played a game of apocalypse, I like the idea of it. There's a shiny book out for the rules, it's been out a while so should I purchase it, or will there be an edition available for 7th edition? Or does edition not matter? Games … Continue reading Apocalypse now?

My expanding Waaagh! size

Well its been ages since I last posted anything, so what have I been up to? To answer that, I need to think of what my army was like almost 6 months ago and then fill in the blanks. So, what's new? Well there's a Big Mek with a shock attack gun:   Some grots: … Continue reading My expanding Waaagh! size