My expanding Waaagh! size

Well its been ages since I last posted anything, so what have I been up to?

To answer that, I
need to think of what my army was like almost 6 months ago and then fill in the blanks.

So, what’s new?

Well there’s a Big Mek with a shock attack gun:


Some grots:


Some more Killa Kans:



And a Weirdboy:

There was also the small matter of finishing the Morkanaut:


I now have quite the horde, but lots of boyz doesn’t mean lots of wins on the tabletop.

I am now playing on a more regular basis (at least once a month) but my win ratio is poor. There has been a couple of victories, but nothing crushing (when I have won its been due to objectives and I’ve literally had nothing left on the table).
Clearly my army (or tactics) needs some work.

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