Apocalypse now?

Should I purchase the apocalypse rule book? Although I’ve never played a game of apocalypse, I like the idea of it.

There’s a shiny book out for the rules, it’s been out a while so should I purchase it, or will there be an edition available for 7th edition? Or does edition not matter?

Games Workshop make some truly stunning rule books and part of me just wants them even though I’ve many of their books that I’ve not played any missions from (looking at you Santcus Reach and Shield of Baal).

I’ve already order the stategic cards as I was concerned I might miss out in them, so I suppose then I might as well go all in and buy the book as well.

Any one got any insider scopes? Will there be a new edition?

One thought on “Apocalypse now?

  1. Given how formations are becoming a standard thing these days with 7th and that the formation concept looks like it was born out of the Apoc book I wouldnt be surprised if it got updated soon or if it got abandoned completely in favor of GW just saying “You can play with how ever many points you want!”

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