Tournament Tau

Yesterday I took part in a doubles tournament held by my local gaming group. The tournament consisted of 3 games of Warhammer 40,000, between teams of two players.

Each player had to muster a 1000 point army using the Arks of Omen Grand Tournament rules.

All of the games were predetermined using the Tempest of War cards and during the games, the Tempest of War cards would dictate the team’s secondary objectives.

In preparation for the tournament my doubles partner Kanan had said that he wanted to play with his new Tau force. As I had some Tau models, I thought that this would be a good opportunity to get them built and painted.

The Tau range has some great models and there were some that I was keen to get, for no reason other than I liked them.

I gave myself the ambitious task of building and painting my 1000 points of Tau in two months. With it being winter and the constant threat of “Snow to hit the UK” being thrown around by the British press, I had to purchase, build and undercoat my new models as quickly as I could.

I had been watching YouTube videos and everyone kept talking about the Slapchop method as a quick way to get models painted.

I was interested to give this method a go, but didn’t think it would work well on my new Tau tanks so decided to use thinned down Citadel paints instead of Contrast.

While it didn’t necessarily make things super quick, I found the zenithal highlights helped me to see what I was painting on the model and that seemed to make it more enjoyable for me. I may stick to this technique in the future.

While not my best work, I’m pleased that I managed to get them all painted in time for the tournament. And here they all are:

And one model who had to be cut from the list as I originally didn’t realise I needed an Arks of Omen detachment:

Commander Shortstay

I mean Longstrike… So far he hasn’t stayed around for very long in the few games I’ve fielded him.

I’ve got a few ideas for my next projects, so time to get cracking on them!

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