Monthly Projects

As the hobby butterfly that I am, I sometimes find it quite difficult to stick to a project.

My most recent Tau project proves that I can do it when I need to, but there usually needs to be a deadline to stay on track. In the case of the Tau it was an up coming doubles tournament.

Out there in the wider community, you’ve probably heard of such things as #MarchforMacragge or #Orktoberfest where if you didn’t know, in March hobbyist work on projects based on the most ultra of marines, the Ultramarines or give over the month of October to painting something Orky.

I liked the idea of these themed months, and I have many projects that I keep meaning to start but never get round to, so I’ve decided to make my own themed months. In my mind this will be brilliant as I will dedicate a whole month to a project and that means whole armies and themed tables will be created every four weeks. In reality, if I can get a squad or kill team finished I’ll be happy.

Da Plan:
So this is what I’ve come up with. Hopefully I will get some good results out of it, but even making a start on something will be good. Just need to make sure unfinished projects don’t eat into the following month(s).

MarchImperial MarchForces of the Imperium
AprilArks of April Arks of Omen Walls
MayMay the Battleforce be with youStart Collecting! Anvilgard
JuneJune JunkersDeffskull Orks
JulyJuly JusticeJudge Dredd / Palanite Enforces
AugustAugustica ImperialisSkys of Fire / Wings of Fury
SeptemberSilver Tower SeptWarhammer Quest: Silver Tower
OctoberOrktoberfestDeffkilla Wartrike
NovemberNovemundaZone Mortalis
DecemberChristmas ChallengeChallenge TBC

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