Imperial March – Tempestus Scions

My original plan for Imperial March was to build and paint an Imperial Guard platoon in a similar way to Peachy at The Painting Phase but over a month rather than 14hours.

Unfortunately I never got a chance to build any models (March it turns out is a very busy month for me – which is why this blog post is now in April!), so instead I tried to focus on Imperial models that I already had built and basecoated.

First up was a five man Tempestus Scions Squad. I already had a tester model painted so painting the other 4 shouldn’t take too long right?

Wrong. They took ages! Or at least it felt like that. One of the issues I had was washing the models with what should have been Agrax Earthshade as the bottle says, but has an Agrax Earthshade Gloss finished to it. That lead to a time consuming repaint to fix!

So here they are. No real highlights as I wanted to get them done quick so just a normal table standard.

Not too bad I think. It’s something completed for the March challenge so onto the next one.

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