Exciting Releases at Warhammer Fest 2018? Orks incoming?

This weekend sees Games Workshop return to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry for their annual Warhammer Fest. For the first time since they've put on Warhammer Fest, I will not be attending, as unfortunately, I am playing in a Warhammer 40k tournament on the Saturday and as much as I would like to spend my … Continue reading Exciting Releases at Warhammer Fest 2018? Orks incoming?

Warhammer Conquest: The Magazine

So today I have subscribed to the new Warhammer Conquest magazine. The magazine is probably not aimed at people like me who have been in the hobby for years, but I'm interested to see what the magazine contains. After all, I'm a sucker for all things Games Workshop. So far there is only a glimpse … Continue reading Warhammer Conquest: The Magazine

Kill Team 2018

Games Workshop has just announced a new version of Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team. My initial reaction to this was my normal "Hell Yeah!", but on reflection, I'm a little less excited the more I think about it. While the idea of skirmish 40k is one I am all over (especially with a roleplaying element to … Continue reading Kill Team 2018

New Game Announced

Yesterday, Games Workshop announced yet another new boxed game Shadow War: Armageddon More details and pictures (plus a video) showing us what to expect in the new game was released late last night. All the information that has been released can be found here: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/03/15/war-returns-to-armageddon/ I'm not going to rewrite information that is already available as … Continue reading New Game Announced

This way, to Value!

Once again it looks like I'll be spending a Saturday without my weekly White Dwarf fix. Not sure if it's the postman's fault or GW's. Thankfully, there is the wonder of the Internet so I haven't missed out on any of the shiny new releases. What that means is that we are at another weekend … Continue reading This way, to Value!

Special Announcement

Well the rumours were true(ish). It looks like there will be some kind of specialist games division that will be producing one off boxsets and they will also be revisiting some of the classic games that GW has released over the years. I'm hoping that this means the new  Specialist Design Studio will be producing … Continue reading Special Announcement

Specialist Games – The Return?

The Internet is awash today with rumours that there will be a whole new division of Games Workshop devoted to the specialist games range. For those not in the know, the specialist games are some of the older games that Games Workshop produced back in the day. These include the likes of: Battlefleet Gothic, Blood … Continue reading Specialist Games – The Return?