New Game Announced

Yesterday, Games Workshop announced yet another new boxed game Shadow War: Armageddon

More details and pictures (plus a video) showing us what to expect in the new game was released late last night.

All the information that has been released can be found here:
I’m not going to rewrite information that is already available as that is both a waste of my time and yours, but I will give my opinion on this new set from what I know. Obviously I can’t talk much about the game as I genuinely have no information on that other than it is similar to the Necromunda rules.

Does that mean that there won’t be a new Necromunda? Or is Shadow War the new game and Necromunda Gangs and other 40k type factions will fit into this?

Only time will tell.

So, firstly the cool stuff in the box.

When I first saw the pictures, I was quite excited. This was mostly (very similar to when Necromunda was first released) due to the scenery that is coming with the game.

With its height walkways and industrial look it feels very much like Necromunda. And since we are expecting a return of that game in the future, I very much expect this scenery to be built upon. The game also comes with some Space Marine Scouts and some Ork Boyz, both of which I would make use of, but I imagine this set will mostly sell due to the scenery.

Now that my initial excitement has died down, I’m now not so sure as to how much I like the scenery. Don’t get me wrong there are parts that I think are cool and it will be great for 40k, Kill Team and Necromunda and that’s exactly what this is being marketed for.

What I’m not completely sold upon is that there’s not much of it, in the sense that I would have expected more walkways than the few you get. I would anticipate that you would need several of these sets to have a really immersive game.

It’s also very much one level (if you’re not counting the ground) and even if you do take the ground into consideration, I think the walkways are too high and look slightly odd. This could be easily rectified of there was a mid level but until we know more about the pieces and how they go together, we won’t know if this is possible from the stuff in the box.

For the moment, colour me interested, but I think price could be a factor here since I can’t see them selling this for less than the price of the Deathworld Forest set (£80) but I also don’t think they’d want to put people off.

I hope I’m wrong and I look forward to hearing and seeing more about this.

What are your thoughts? Are you exited by this?

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