The Hobby of my Hobby, is my friend?…

When I started this blog, the hope was that it would inspire me to build and paint more models and maybe even play more games.

To an extent you could say that I have achieved those aims. As I now have quite a sizable Ork army (all painted) and I am now a regular attendee to my local gaming club.

I now don’t need this blog to serve as a motivational tool as deadlines to get models finished by are now set by the events of the local gaming club. A recent example of which was a day of Kill Team that I HAD to get my Ork Kommandos built and painted for.

So where does this leave this blog?
Well this blog has now grown into another hobby all of itself.  And is in essence a hobby of my Hobby. The problem with hobbies, as always, is time.

It is difficult enough finding time to actually partake in the main hobby of 40k, so when it comes to this blog, the time I get to spend on it tends to be when I’m on a break at work. I can’t really give any more time to the blog, otherwise I would be able to do more 40k based stuff. It is also true that without any 40k activity, I have very little to add to this blog.

So what does this mean? Am I going to continue writing this blog? Absolutely, as I do enjoy a good brain dump and looking back at the blog and seeing all the posts that I have written is something that I am immensely proud of. I’m never going to win any literacy prize, but I am still proud as to what I have put out for the internet to read.

After all, this blog has always been about me and my journey into the hobby world of 40k.
It’s certainly not for the money and fame.

So, in summary, I need to be better and post more. I feel bad that I’ve not uploaded anything but do find it difficult making the time.

In my mind I had the aim of trying for one post a month minimum, so that seems like a good starting point going forwards.

Even just writing this post has rekindled my interest in this blog (which has also lead to the publishing of today’s earlier post). I’ve got a couple of projects that I have recently finished so expect to see those on this site very soon.

Has anyone else felt bad that they have left their blog sitting there gathering virtual dust? Or does anyone have any tips to making sure that you always make time for your blog?

Let me know in the comments.

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