Forever Delayed

The below post was written back in January (as all New Year’s Plans should be made in that month). Life being what it is, this post has sat unfinished and unposted (until now!), so please, cast your mind back to the hazy days of two months ago…

So the Grimdark of 2016 has been and gone and 2017 is now here.

That means new plans and new projects.

First up though: The Christmas Hobby Haul.

Due to the massed volume of grey plastic that I have at home in various states of unopened or unbuiltness (that’s a word, right?), I avoided asking the big red guy for any miniatures (as such). Instead I asked for a few scenery kits as you can never have enough and some of the latest books from GW.

So here it all is, ready to be sat around just waiting for the day that it gets a look at a paintpot:

I really enjoy the books that Games Workshop put out and I look forward to the day when I make use of some of these rules rather than just reading the stories.

The plan for the year

My aim this year is to try to stop buying models and finish those that I’ve started. I also really want to paint the box sets that I have.
First up will be Dark Vengeance. There are several reasons I want to start on this set. Firstly, I’ve had it ages and I’d like to play through the missions with fully painted miniatures.
Secondly, the cultists from DV can be used in Assassinorium:Execution Force, thereby getting the majority of models from 2 box sets done in one fell swoop.
Thirdly, I really like the Crimson Slaughter so want to get them painted. My local gaming club has their 1st 40k event of the year in May and so I’d like to give myself the target of getting 1000 points of Crimson Slaughter ready for this.

UPDATE: At the end of the year and since I first started writing this post, Games Workshop has released much Chaos-y goodness. It now appears that everyone is planning on running a Chaos Space Marine army at the May tournament. Looks like the Boyz will be having another run out.

So far, the above plan has not gained much traction, as before the May tournament, there are also plans afoot to hold a one day Kill Team tournament. This seems like a perfect time to put my Ork Kommandos together…



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