Kill Team – Assemble

My local gaming club planned to hold a Kill Team one day tournament back at the beginning of March. I decided to make use of my Warhammer World purchases and put together a crack team of Ork Kommandos.

Below you can see how I put them together. They are mostly standard Ork Boyz with the Forge World Ork Kommando upgrade set and Boss Snikrot thrown in for good measure.

I could have left Snikrot out and brought 10 standard Boyz in his place, but I liked the idea of the fluffy-ness of it. Da Red Skull Kommandos were ready to stalk the battlefields of the 41st Millennium.

The chosen Kill Team



All of the Kommandos Assembled

The Kill Team event had some additional rules that allowed us to choose some extra specialists. I decided to make sure that all my specialists had a name. I found this made playing the games even more fun, especially when your opponent starts calling your models by their names and systematically kill them.

Boss Snikrot – The Leader
Magrakk – Combat Specialist with Hatred
Bilrot & Snarky – Weapon Specialist with Expert Shot


Zograt – Indomitable Specialist with Fearless
Daz – Guerrilla Specialist with Night Vision
Trogg – Dirty Fighter Specialist with Murderous Blows


Malrak – MVP earning himself a name during the event

Unfortunately the Kill Team event didn’t really happen as planned as not many people signed up. Still had a good day of gaming, playing a couple of games of Kill Team and walking away with the award for Best Kill Team!


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