Specialist Games – The Return?

The Internet is awash today with rumours that there will be a whole new division of Games Workshop devoted to the specialist games range.

For those not in the know, the specialist games are some of the older games that Games Workshop produced back in the day.
These include the likes of: Battlefleet Gothic, Blood Bowl and Necromunda.

Whether we see just a rerelease of the old models and rules or whether they are brought bang up to date, I don’t know, but it’s a brilliant move by games workshop if true.

The community has been crying out for these games and I for one have wanted to see a return of Necromunda since I came back to the hobby.

For GW it’s an instant win and it might even silence some of the GW haters (until we see how expensive these games are in comparison to their original release). It may also potentially send more sales Games Workshops way by seriously damaging the eBay market. This will hopefully mean that necromunda models wont be going for £30 per model.

Let’s just hope the rumours are true, but if so, I’m going to end up being a very poor man.

Christmas may have just come early.

Games Workshop, shut up and take my money… again.

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