This way, to Value!


Once again it looks like I’ll be spending a Saturday without my weekly White Dwarf fix. Not sure if it’s the postman’s fault or GW’s.

Thankfully, there is the wonder of the Internet so I haven’t missed out on any of the shiny new releases. What that means is that we are at another weekend where I spend a load of money on stuff I really don’t need… but it’s so awesome, I must have it!

Let’s recap on my recent purchases.

First there was both of the warzone Damocles boxed armies, followed by the Damocles campaign book along with Raven Guard and Tau Tactical Objective cards. With the release of Betrayal at Calth, I thought I’d take a weekend off, but no, I had to watch a video of the game being played. Add it to the list.

That brings us right up to today, where there is yet another Damocles book on pre-order as well as some Astra Militarum Tactical Objective cards. Done and done.

I am a sucka for Games Workshop’s stuff and they know it, I might as well setup a direct debit to them. It doesn’t matter what they send me in return, I’ll probably never get round to building or painting it. Instead I get that warm gooey feeling that I haven’t missed out on something.

The point of this post that I wanted to make (and have failed to do so up until now) is about value.

Everyone has been taking about how great value the Betrayal at Calth box is (especially when compared to Forgeworld prices), but today, GW put the four Assassin models from Assassinorum: Execution Force up as individual pre-orders. For £19 each.

This may not sound like alot to some people as the reset of the individual plastic character models are placed at a similar price point.

But if you do the maths, 19 × 4 is 76. GW are still selling, from their own website, Assainorium: Execution Force for £75.

In this boxed game, you not only get all four of the assassin models, you also get: 12 cultists, 2 Chaos Space Marines, 1 Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator armour plus all the extra bits to make him a Chaos Lord instead. Not to mention a fun game thrown in there as well.

With the prices released today, that is now one attractive looking boxset and I encourage anyone thinking of getting those Assassin models to get this instead.

Fortunately for me, I’m a sucka for Games Workshop’s stuff and I bought that game months ago.

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