Lieutenant Adamis

The Omega Guardians continue to grow. The latest addition to the ranks is the Eothrus Primaris Lieutenant model from the Wake the dead 40k boxset.

I decided to make him a named character amongst the Omega Guardians and will be a trend that I will continue. All HQ choices will be given a name that they will always use, until such time that their death in a game (narrative wise) is too much to come back from, such as being the victim of a super Smite, or being at the wrong end of a Titan’s guns.

I’ve given this character the name Adamis for no reason other than his pose. His pose instantly made me think of He-Man. The alter ego of which is Prince Adam. I fine that putting ‘is’ at the end of a name makes them sound 40kish.

3 thoughts on “Lieutenant Adamis

  1. The miniature turned out really great, and you did a good job on the pictures. I can’t help but notice the perfectly weathered terrain for this shot. It just sets the scene so nicely. Well done 🙂

  2. That’s crazy! I just start my own Space marine chapter, the Omega Forces, and it turn out that we use the same colors! We must be connected somehow…

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