40K Campaign – The Siege of Falx – Updated Rules

Planetary Empires

After writing the first draft of campaign rules, I shared them with three gaming friends who I thought would be interested in taking part in the campaign.

The feedback was positive and a few questions were raised. Ideas have since been bounced back and fourth and I’m fairly confident that we now have a campaign that players would be keen to get involved in.

The changes and additions made to the previous draft include:

Adding Kill Team to the campaign

This involved adding a new Campaign Point dynamic so that games of Kill Team would have some worth to the Campaign. Allowing the winner of a Kill Team game to claim territory on the Campaign Map didn’t feel right, as you can play many more games of Kill Team than regular 40k and didn’t feel right narratively, as there’s no way a Kill Team could claim and hold a territory.

Increasing the length of the Campain

Changed to 12 weeks, with each Round consisting of 2 weeks.

Changing the name of the Army Commander from Warlord to General

This is to avoid confusion between the Army Commander who will claim Campaign, Player and Territory Points and the model that Players will be using on the table top.

Make a Hero and Character Death

We have added a dynamic to the Campaign that would add a bit of tension to the post game stage. This is the Character Death Table. I really like this dynamic in games, especially when you have given a model a backstory or when they always perform heroric deeds on the table top. But in order to introduce this risk (of losing the character for the rest of the campaign) aspect, there needed to be a reward element. A bonus to a player that they would then lose if that model was taken away from them.

We decided to make use of the Custom Character rules published in Chapter Approved 2018, but instead of just creating a character with extra rules from the start of the Campaign, we decided to make the Additional Attributes the reward for models if they survive the rounds. In short, any HQ character that isn’t dead at the end of a Campaign Round, can pick one Additional Attribute from Chapter Approved 2018. This would give players a nice bonus to their forces, and make a character death that more painful. It might make players think twice before they perform a Heroic Intervention…

The new Campaign Pack can be found here.

If anyone has any other cool ideas that we could add, please let me know in the comments.

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