Omega Guardians – Patrol Force

Many weeks ago now I set myself the target during lockdown of getting some patrol detachments built and painted ready for the new 9th edition 40k.

One of those forces consisted of the Omega Guardians, my own custom space marine chapter.

Well this Patrol Detachment has been finished for a while, but I just haven’t got round to putting anything on the blog as there hasn’t been the best conditions for taking photos. Now that my new light box has arrived, I’ve managed to get some photos taken.

The detachment consists of:

  • Primaris Librarian
  • Intercessor Squad
  • Aggressor Squad
  • Redemptor Dreadnought
Librarian – Nathanus Cal
Intercessor Squad of the 2nd Company

You’ll notice that this squad isn’t legal due to the double auxiliary grenade launchers, but these models are actually being used to finish off two Intercessor squads.

Honoured Brother Matteus

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