Winter is coming…

As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, that can only mean one thing: It’s going to be hard to undercoat miniatures with spray paint.

Not the biggest issue that the world faces right now, but certainly a problem for a Warhammer hobbyist. Do I have enough models primed to get me through the winter? What will I do if I get bored of Space Marines and want to paint something else?

Well, after being a little bit productive at the beginning of the lockdown, my hobby output has dropped considerably. This probably means that I could go all the way through the winters months without doing any hobby, but on the off chance that there is a circuit-break lockdown or I find myself with more time to myself, I need to be ready.

So, this past week I took some time off of work and just built models.

Now I have quite and impressive pile of shame, and it’s mostly still in boxes it came in so I made the decision to get a (very) small part of it built.

A small selection of my pile of shame

Usually my thought process is, build it when I am ready to spend time painting it, so that I can use it in a game. This has just lead to more and more boxes piling up in my garage. My new idea, is to build the models, then they are ready for priming. Once primed they I can just work on them whenever I like/can.

So, the first part of my plan: start building.

There were a number of models that I wanted to get built and unfortunately I didn’t get to build everything I hoped I would. It turns out that building models takes longer than I think.

Here is what I did manage to build during my days off:

The list of completed models:

  • A Landraider
  • A Chimera
  • A Leman Russ Demolisher
  • A Contemptor Dreadnought
  • A squad of Adeptus Custodes
  • A Shield-Captain
  • A Vexilus Praetor
  • Da Red Gobbo
  • A Deathwatch Captain
  • A squad of Deathwatch Veterans
  • A Necro Overlord*
  • A Primaris Captain*
  • A squad of Eradicators*

* I have momentarily lost the bases from the Indomitus boxset so these models aren’t based. I’m sure they’ll turn up…

I had hoped to get some scenery built as well and have made a start to my Iron Labyrinth set from TT Combat.

I need to finish building this but it is going to take ages!

Hopefully, I can find some time and weather permitting, get some of these models primed before it gets too cold.

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