First Strike

At one of the schools I work at, we’ve started running a Warhammer Club.

In the past few weeks we’ve been getting quite a bit of interest from students who started at the school this September.

To try and inspire them I decided to paint all of the contents of the first strike starter set that I donated to the club.

In order get them painted quickly, I decided to paint the Space Marines as Omega Guardians but instead of painting them as part of the second company, I painted them as part of the fourth.

I was really pleased with how these turned, so much so that I can’t decide whether I prefer them painted as second or fourth company.

With the Death Guard, I decided to keep them their standard green colour. The pox walkers I painted as normal flesh colours but then used various shades to make them look bruised or raw skinned.

3 thoughts on “First Strike

    1. Hi Jenn, thanks for commenting and for trying to help.

      I’ve always heard how friendly and helpful the warmongers community is and now I’ve experienced it for myself.

      I’ve purchased a new rulebook which arrived this week so I’m over the issue now.

      Sometimes you just need to have a rant on your blog!

      1. I’ll let the guy know, thanks for replying!

        I know what you mean, a blog is a good place for it to all come out!

        Best of luck for the future and I really, really hope nothing like this happens again.

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