The Siege is over…

After twelve weeks of battle, the campaign has come to an end…

After leading from the start, it comes as no surprise that The Defenders have managed to see off all challenges and save the planet Falx.

I have to be honest that even though I wrote and ran the campaign, I didn’t take part in it as much as I’d hoped and the games I did take part in, I lost horribly (apart from one draw) so I was absolutely no help the the Invader’s cause…

The players appear to have enjoyed taking part in the campaign and I hope that this added a bit of flavour to their games. There are definitely some changes I would make to the rules (custom characters will be binned) but I think it gives the gaming club a foundation to build on next time.

If I do run another campaign, I’m thinking more of a planetary system style engagement like Games Workshop’s Crusade of Fire Campaign. I might perhaps base it on players rather than teams. This will hopefully lead to a few more narrative based games as players can decide which territories they are fighting over.

All in all, even though it was quite a bit of work getting it set up, I did thoroughly enjoy the planning of the campaign and seeing it take shape as the weeks progressed.

Maybe next time I can make more of an impact on the tabletop, rather than giving my opponents an almost guaranteed win.

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