Omega Guardian Reinforcements

I’ve been a little bit productive lately.

While finally putting some paint on the Dark Angels, I was inspires to paint up some more Omega Guardians.

This inspiration was partly due to having a couple of intercessors already primed but also because I came across some older models that I had originally tried to paint as Ultramarines, but didn’t like the look.

I had already gotten quite far with the intercessors before I decided to move onto the older marines and then brought them up to the same finished state.

I had thought about stripping the Ultramarine paint job but decided I would try and paint straight over and see how that came out. In all honesty I am really pleased with the finished result. I’m now looking at repainting the rest of the squad to match.

I’m also getting tempted to repaint my Crimson Fists as Omega Guardians but think I should paint some new models first. Otherwise I’m just constantly painting the same models.

So here are the new Omega Guardians:

2 thoughts on “Omega Guardian Reinforcements

  1. Wow, some really nice paint jobs there. The Sergeant’s face in particular is really amazing! What bits did you use for the base on the model on the right in the first picture? The little trim pieces with the skulls?

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