Stormcast Lord-Relictor

The latest model for my slow grow AoS campaign (which I still haven’t played a game of) army is finally finished.

This guy is the HQ for the force and is a Lord-Relictor.

I’ve got no idea what this guy is like on the battlefield, but I’ve got two copies of this model so thought it would be a good choice for my small Anvils of the Heldenhammer force and still leave me with a copy to paint as Hammers of Sigmar (if I ever decide to go down that route).

He was a daunting model to paint in comparison to the other Stormcast models as he has quite a few details on him and his staff.

Next up for the Stormcast should be some Retributors.

But for now, that’s one more box of the Hobby Bingo completed:

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