Sly Marbo

The last addition to my Catachan force for my trip up to Warhammer World was none other than Sly Marbo.

This guy is ’80s movies all wrapped into one. With the firstname of the actor who plays Rambo, the surname being an anagram of Rambo, looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger and carrying Snake Plissken’s gun, nothing says one man army quite like this guy.

Surprisingly then that the two times I have fielded him, he has been absolutely rubbish. While hitting and wounding on 2s is great, his weapon needs some kind of AP minus. Here’s hoping he gets it in the new codex

Here is the current status of my Hobby Bingo:

6 thoughts on “Sly Marbo

      1. Me too. The new version looks terrible. Also there were some rules for using him (or some assassins) as an army of one in Shadow War: Armageddon.

      2. I enjoyed Shadow War: Armageddon and was sad to see it end. It’s a shame how many people stop playing a game once it’s stopped being supported. Fortunately there are several gamers from my local group who are going to continue with the old version of Kill Team.

      3. I suppose the difficulty of getting a casual game is part of it, but the lack of new official material is another. That and introducing new players gets hard if they can’t get their own copy of the books easily.

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